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Step by Step


Step by step is a proposal for a space design project located in the old Albert Germans Factory in the Sant Jose neighborhood of L'Hospitalet del Llobregat.

This old Albert Germans Factory has been abandoned for 

The design of this space is thought exclusively for the young collective, in order to improve the current problems faced by young people in accessing their first home. We propose a cohousing for a maximum of 58 people and coworking spaces open to all neighborhood.

In addition, we have designed and applied sustainable strategies taking into account ventilation, lighting and materials.

Within Step by step there are three types of housing. They are differentiated according to their size and number of rooms.

All its design is configured around the opening of the inner courtyard, the double height and the windows that allow us to ventilate and illuminate.
the windows that will allow us to ventilate and illuminate.

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