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Clear is a collaborative project with the NGO Open Arms that aims to shed light on important but often hidden events and situations happening in the Mediterranean Sea. The project emerged from the need to create a “school” on Open Arms' rescue boat, which was recently replaced. Clear is a 12-meter long inflatable installation built from a modular structure, which serves as an educational tool to inform people about Open Arms' work and the realities of the Mediterranean.

The installation includes graphs that display migration routes, data on sinkings, and the severity of incidents, giving visitors a tangible experience of the crisis in the sea. The inflatable is located over the water, next to the boat and on the opposite side of the harbor, and visitors can enter and exit through the "Rescue Zone" door. Clear provides a unique learning experience that decontextualizes the sea as we know it to talk about other realities, approaching the migratory emergency of the Mediterranean from a new perspective.

The installation seeks to generate knowledge and raise awareness among participants by providing rigorous data in a simple way through a modular space arranged for play. Clear encourages visitors to interact with the data and visualize it in a tangible way, creating a memorable experience that highlights the severity of the situation in the Mediterranean. Ultimately, Clear aims to inform visitors and generate empathy for the lives impacted by the migration crisis in the Mediterranean.

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